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14.5.2018 - 22.6.2018 - Examination period

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Opening session 2017 – presentation, guidebook

There were a presentations held for cca. 220 international exchange students at xPORT premises in the evening on February 3rd, and February 5th, 2017. Students were introduced to the life at Jarov dormitories, to services and shops in the neighbourhood and to dormitory rules as well. Presentations were supported by presence of SÚZ VŠE director Mr. Ota Zima, Mr. Jaroslav Klečka, Mr. Michal Zalabák and deputy of International office Ms.Slámová.

There was a team of 7 students who helped with accommodating and welcoming of international students in the dormitory since February 1st, 2017 till February 5th,2017. Team consisted of students:  Š. Staněk, V. Gerassimchuk, Š.Lupínková, A.Masrnová, P.Gabrusevich and E.Čalkovská, M. Bílá (Student coordinator).

Smooth work of reception was guided by dormitory managers and team of students from  ESN VŠE Praha – Buddy System helps with the guiding of international students in new setting in long term.



Guidebook – Jarov III.F

Guidebook – Jarov III.G

Facebook – photo gallery


Enjoy your stay at the dormitories and please read the rules!